letter to santa

dear santa,

how was your year? i hope you didn't worked too hard. you're not getting any younger you know. i don't want you getting sick or worse retiring that outdated red suit because of too much stress. i want you to still be around when i have my own kids because i don't want them to grow up without ever having to believe in you. i want them to feel the magic of christmas.

anyway, remember THIS LETTER ? the one i bugged you with last year? yeah, i know you won't forget that. quite a wishlist huh? i am writing this now to let you know that i am very thankful for some of the wishes that came true on that list. i just knew that you wouldn't let me down. even if i was just semi-nice that year.

ok just to refresh your mind.....

that philippine vacation that i was planning did push through, thank you very much! that was my first homecoming and even if it was just for 3 weeks, i definitely had the time of my life.

the car that i'd been planning to buy.... i was able to park in our apartment building's parking lot in september. although it didn't had a built in navigation system i bought a portable one to help me manage the puzzling highways and interstates without feeling like a lost puppy.

now the carribean cruise never happened because we never had the time to plan it well and no efforts were made to really go ahead and do it. i guess i never really wanted that one.

as of today, even if i have a little sniffle and a lot of times my nose is pretty much clogged up, i am still thankful to you for keeping me and my family healthy and safe. i hope you stay healthy yourself as we don't want no sick santa climbing down the chimneys.

the itunes music card, the playstation and the xbox, i didn't get but thats ok because i wouldn't have time to play with them and use them anyway. that was a good decision you made to give it away to some other kid who would have spent hours developing blisters with their thumbs playing it.

santa, did i tell you that i went ahead and got myself a membership at the gym this year? oh yes! you would've been so proud of me. i was joining step classes, low impact classes, kickboxing classes. i was doing my routines with the machines without being intimidated. but then one other wish you forgot to grant me was to give me the discipline to go the gym regularly. it's been 2 weeks now and counting since i've been to the gym and i'm blaming it on the snow storm and the cold weather...he he he

the pair of crosstrainers and the victoria's secret pajamas and tank tops were too easy for you. thanks a lot. next time i'm gonna think of something more difficult.

so those were my wishes last year santa. i kinda underestimated you for a while there. i thought you wouldn't be able to grant me most of my wishes. but you went over and beyond what i expected from you. thanks! thanks! and more thanks! this year to make it up for not being the nicest girl in town, i'm not giving you a long list of things i want. i only have one wish this year and i'm not going to write it down on this letter because even withot saying it out loud, i know you know it in your heart.

merry christmas santa!

remaining a child at heart,


weynweyn said...

ate neri,
that's kyut!
may bago na akong site!
yay! blogspot na rin..=)
bisita ka minsan ate!

remaining child at heart too,

balikbayan_box said...

nalingaw kog basa hehehe

malipayong Pasko nimo diha, nerie!