just bitching

is it just me or is the stress brought about by the holidays getting into my nerves that i am beginning to get easily irritated by the people around me?

i know i shouldn't be this way. i know i am getting a bit kinda too grumpy these days, but i can't help it. let's just put it this way. maybe i am not so much into the prepations for the parties, and nagging me with something wouldn't get you anywhere except into my nerves. but of course it doesn't help that there are those who thinks that being "makulit" is ok. well, i guess it is ok. it stops being cute however when it's too much. when you're evidently not into a "kulitan" mode and they still keep it going.

the only thing i'm thankful for is that i am able to keep my mouth shut and just think about happy thoughts because the last thing i want is to have a stupid fight over little things. so i'm apologizing for my bad mood these days. i'm sure i'll be back on my old less bitchy self.

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