is bora better than prozac?

this is not right. it's now close to a month since my last post. am i really that busy? well in a way yeah. if you call packing ang unpacking and then packing again two big suitcases (and being all so oc about it) busy, then i am. if you see being all hyped up about the vacation that's looming my way and the possibility of a boracay weekend that had me spend a lot of time researching about hotels and resorts that would fit my budget and later on led me to calling my sister a lot of times just to get updates on reservations and flight schedules, as being busy, then i definitely am.

there you go, i'm gonna have to admit it. i am excited as ever! in fact, i'm more excited in coming home than my upcoming birthday. not that i've been excited with my past birthdays anyway because who'd be excited to age another year? so who cares if there's going to be a party or not? all i care about right now are my plans for my well deserved vacation. no more 12 hour shifts, no more cold cruel weather (well at least for three weeks), it's going to be heaven on earth for me, i tell you.

now here's where i tell you how abrupt this post is gonna end. i'm a busy woman you know, so you have to deal with abrupt ends sometimes.

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