on the phone while watching a simple life...

did i ever gave you roses before?


really? how come?

i don't know. maybe you're not the roses type of person.

you're right. i'd rather have us stay at home and talk about mundane things over beer and pizza.

oooh! beer and pizza... and mundane topics! i like that...

i know you do...

ok, here's a question for you: would you have sex with paris hilton---

in a heartbeat!

oh yeah? but i'm not finished yet ----if she had the worst case of chlamydia??

ever heard of antibiotics? he he he...

eeew! sometimes i feel like i don't know you anymore.

come on, you know me as much as i know the musicality of your snoring! (wide evil grin)

look who's talking? have you heard yourself snore?


well couldn't you be any luckier?

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