here i am back ranting

so i am back from the philippines and it irritates me when people expect me to bring a boyfriend back from a 3 week vacation as if it were some kind of pasalubong that i am supposed to brandish out from my luggage. why can't they just be happy with the goldilocks polvoron and the ensaymadas? seriously.

don't they realize that i've got massages to be done at the spa, hair that needs to be rejuvenized at the salon, nephews and nieces that needs to be brought to the mall, "padalas" that need to be taken cared of, "mga pabili" on my list. i mean come on, the last thing on my mind is to grab me a guy and bring him back with me to new jersey. that is giving me way too much credit, to be able to get a boyfriend in three weeks tops. i may need a little more time than that.

anyway it's been bitter cold here since i came back. i got the scare of my life when we almost couldn't land at JFK airport at the height of this year's first snow storm. so now i'm back to the normal grind. here's to counting down the days till spring.

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