almost but not quite

how do people make the leap from not mattering in each other's lives to mattering? that is the question. ambivalence is the word of the moment for me at this point and i hate it. i wanna be as decisive as i can be but i can't. maybe because i keep getting mixed signals or maybe i'm just reading too much into actions. certain people would say to enjoy the ride while it's there, while my cynical self would prepare for the inevitable blow when it's all over. which reminds me why i stayed away from stuff like this for the longest time.


anj said...

hey. wala lang. i haven't dropped by your blog for a while. and i changed blogs na rin. hope all is well with you. :)

(formerly biyaheng mindanao, presently impulse blogging)

nerie said...

wow, been a long time. i see you got hitched. congratulations!

balikbayan_box said...

hoping things are doing well after this post since almost 2 months na and half hehehe

dali uli ta sa davao hahaha

nerie said...

he he he... na busy man gud ko og laag. walay time mag up-date.

mo-uli jud ko noh! last week of november... after 2 years of not going home...finally!