thank you mario, but our princess is in another castle!

i downloaded the old school super mario brothers game on my wii and have been playing a bit of that for a couple of days. i can't believe i still remember some of the cheats on the game, like where to get the 1up mushrooms, the shortcuts, those kind of stuff. anyway, i stumbled upon this video on google and i was doubling over in giggles because i could relate on the guy's frustration.

so what does it sound like to play the hardest mario levels of all time? watch this.


balikbayan_box said...

unsaon man pag download sa old school super mario sa Wiii heheheh ito lang yta alm ko laruin hehehe

nerie said...

you have to have wii points (wii points card) para makadownload ka og old nintendo games sa wii shop channel.