sailing...takes me away... to where i've always heard it could be

after so much procrastination and getting distracted by a lot of things, here is my post about THE CRUISE. the cruise which is a first for me but isn't going to be the last. the cruise which i could only summarize in three words: FUN, FOOD and FRIENDS.

i have to thank a lot of people who made my first cruise a memorable one for me (naks! parang nanalo ng award!).

Joyce, who made it possible for us to book a cruise with the help of the Liberty travel person, you're the best! thanks for putting up with me and hannie.

Hannie who was a delight to be on a cruise with despite her having symptoms of ADHD whenever we are thinking on what to do next (he he he!). swak talaga ugali natin dalawa.

all the folks we dined with on table number 178 of the imagination dining room, you guys were very nice!

the filipino band who plays every night in romeo and juliet who gamely lent us their instruments just so we could have a feel of how it is to be rockstars, mga kuya... all of you rock!

to the kuya who served us drinks and gave us discounts and freebies every time, ha ha... hindi mo kami nalasing!

to the guys who made our beds and cleaned our room everyday and gave us a reason to smile by creating animals and stuff out of towels, we thank you. george gives you an extra hug too because you gave him company on the times when the three of us were out on the deck or exploring the ship.

to the old lady from new jersey who gave us encouragement on our very first attempt on snorkeling...waah! i still wanna be able to snorkel when i get to your age.

to the regulars of the karaoke bar... grandpas johnny, jr and i forgot the other guy's name, thank you for giving us entertainment on the nights that we were there. you rock too... in your own geriatric way he he he.

to the kayak guide for being very patient with joyce and hannie on their first kayak stint, you taught them well. now their looking forward to another kayak adventure..he he.

to the people who were kind enough to agree to become our photographer on some of our shots, thank you. without you there wouldn't be a trio in our pictures.

to all the pinoy staff of the ship, ang galing nyo! excellent service, keep it up!

and to all the characters and faces we met during the cruise... si friend who is fond of dancing with choreography, the african-americans who dominated the dancing floor and the karaoke bar most of the time and the numerous drunken people who amused us every night... one big thank you for making the experience memorable.

now if you don't wanna read my ramblings and my thank you's to people and just wanna get to the good stuff, you can go HERE and i'll let the pictures tell you all about it.

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