so halloween is over and done with. what comes next is thanksgiving. but before that let me just tell you about the halloween party that we had. i told you the last time that i would be working that night, but the gods of halloween (if there ever is one) had been good to me because instead of going to the hospital to work, i was put on call. so four hours of the time i spent at the party, i was quite anxious that my cellphone would ring and that would be the end of all the fun.

with the witches and the fairies

the party was quite a success actually. most of the people who came were in costume especially the kids. i got to give out candies to the kids who were trick or treating. at one point i even wanted to go out in the neighborhood to go trick or treating with the kids but it was too cold outside so i chickened out.

these are some of the kids who came all dressed up for the party.

with pocahontas, cleopatra and some other characters

so until the next holiday... i am hoping we would be able to get together again on thanksgiving. good luck na lang sa turkey namin!!! :p

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