dreams of a sharapova wannabe

a scary dream makes your heart beat faster. why doesn't the part of your brain that controls your heartbeat realize that another part of your brain is making the whole thing up? don't they communicate?
george carlin

i just had a dream. i dreamt that i lost my key to our mailbox and i couldn't get any of my mails which happens to be all bills of credit cards, cellphone, utilities etc. it was a scary dream because i couldn't do anything but look at our mailbox almost bursting to its seams full of months and months worth of bills that are unpaid and i'm just staring at it helpless. yes, helpless and submitted to the fact that i am doomed to have a bad credit score for the rest of my life because of a missing key. good thing it was just a dream.

anyways, my body is one big mass of "pamaol". for people reading this who don't know anything about the visayan dialect, the word means muscle aches, i forgot what it's called in tagalog but its the kind of body pains you get after a strenuous physical activity which your body is not used to be doing. in short kulang ako sa exercise and attempting to play tennis 2 hours a day for 2 days in a row is a surefire way to reach for the nearest ibuprofen canister. motrin is my friend right now. those little orange caplets make me mobile, lets me do the laundry and allows me to carry the groceries despite the aches and pains.

the one good thing about it is that i'm improving. i actually look like i'm playing tennis now and not some wierd kind of sport that nobody has invented yet. tunog tennis na yung paghataw ng racket ko sa bola. i could probably add some grunts and huffs and puffs here and there and it would sound like a game in the us open. sound nga lang. don't ask about the score because hannie and i don't keep score when we play. we just play for the heck of it. mapasok ko lang yung serve, ma-save ko lang yung bola, maka-ace lang ako kahit isa, happy na ako. it's not like i'm aiming for the wimbledon or whatever, i just want to have something to be busy about this summer and probably be fit in the process. wish ko lang! he he he.

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